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Amateur Night at Club Stupid - Mile a Minute

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Amateur Night at Club Stupid is an absurdist experimental pop group from Atlanta, Georgia. Their music contains elements of funk, punk, latin, electronic, and jazz and can be found here .

Founded in Charlie Ahanotu's garage studio one cold February night in Stone Mountain, GA in 2011, "Amateur Night at Club Stupid" started as bossa-nova guitar, hip hop beat rap off between middle school friends Craig LeMay and Ben Baldwin accompanied by Andrew Allen on beats. After the dissolve of Hip Hop/Fusion/Punk band "Stereotalk" later that year, Ben Baldwin moved to North Decatur, GA where he would record and release the first two records "Two Bucks Get It Off My Lawn" and "The Destruction of My Career" on Garage Band in a house without centralized heat or AC with the help of his friends Dan Eskridge and Eric Haugh of "The Joykills". In 2013, Ben Baldwin recorded three records, one released through Atlanta indie label Blood Drunk Records. "Songs for Your Punk Ass Kid", "Pretending to be the Man" (originally titled "Pretending to be Bruce Springsteen"), and "Assisted Living in Fatlanta", the latter being the official label release. After moving to West Midtown to the Ridgeway Art Collective in September 2013, Ben Baldwin began work on their sixth LP "Coconut Goes to Jail" inspired by being snowed in at the Dead End House in EAV during Atlanta's Snowpocalypse 2014 and titled after two bandmates were arrested in unrelated circumstances. The project was reduced to an EP with three songs after his laptop died later that year. The rest of the LP was found and cobbled together from remaining burned CD-ROMs and forgotten thumb drives in late 2016 and titled "Take This and Throw It Outside" released two years from when it was originally recorded. The band would not release another record or perform again until "Marty's Biggest Summer Yet" on Halloween 2016.

Ben Baldwin moved from Atlanta, GA to Dallas, TX in March 2017 and released an album recorded before he left called "Better Late than Whatever" in May of 2017. After seven LPs and two EPs, the band is now spread between Atlanta and Dallas and working on their eighth LP tentatively titled "Most Improved 1998".


"Two Bucks Get It Off My Lawn" released August 2012.

"The Destruction of My Career" released December 2012.

"Songs for Your Punk Ass Kid" released February 2013.

"Pretending to be The Man" released June 2013.

"Assisted Living in Fatlanta" released October 2013.

"Take This and Throw It Outside" released May 2014.

"Coconut Goes to Jail" released November 2014.

"Marty's Biggest Summer Yet" released October 2016.

"Better Late Than Whatever" released May 2017.


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