Antecantamentum's Symbol - "The Eternal Fermata"

Antecantamentum (stylized as ANTECANTAMENTVM, also goes by "Ante" for short) is an American Symphonic Black Metal band from Long Beach, California. The roots of Ante go back to the band before this known as Astral Pit which was formed in 2009 by Xokoyotzin and Ricardo. Ante was a solo side project but eventually the two bands merged into Antecantamentum. As of August 2013, Antecantamentum is a solo project again however all the members have formed a new band with a different direction. The debut LP "Zerstörung" was released on October 25, 2013 and the second eponymous LP "Antecantamentum" was released on September 25th, 2014. A album currently titled "Halcyon Days of Melancholia" is currently in production with a tentative autumn/winter 2015 release.


  • Xokoyotzin - All instruments/Vocals

Former Members

  • Joseph - Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Jacob - Bass/Vocals
  • Kyle - Keyboard
  • Ricardo - Drums



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