Deka's third EP cover.

Deka is a 17 year old Vaporwave/experimental producer from Aberdeen, Scotland. His tracks have a unique, gritty style, reminissant of older 80's neon pop. He uses nostalgic samples to pluck on the strings of any listener's childhood.


  • Blank Banshee
  • Macintosh Plus
  • Visa Prepaid
  • M.O.O.N
  • Jasper Byrne
  • Internet Club
  • Luxury Elite


刑事 is japanese for criminial.

Criminal consists of 5 songs -

intro, raw, untitled track, wonk and leftovers.

Each of these is heavily inspired by top-down shooter, hotline miami, while still being original.


Cosmetic consists of 5 songs -

welcome 2 cosmetic, deep, ART prostitute, dive and tonic water.

These tracks are more heavily infulenced by ambience than anything else. These tracks still maintain the same style as the first EP, but sound somewhat different.


Universe consists of 4 songs - 

force_boot, drive, turquoise and lucid.

These tracks are notably longer than any other track released by Deka. These tracks are the most relatable to vaporwave. They take heavy samples and inspiration from older games consoles and operating systems. Alot of the samples from this EP were recorded by Deka. 


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