i know who you are and you are nothing is an ambient electronic/chiptune artist from New Jersey. His music can be found here


i know who i am and i am everything (2013)

i know who you are and you are nothing  (2013)


"Beautiful. 9/10."

"I loved every second of this. Very Minecraft-y, very C418, and that's really not a bad thing. Also, loved the use of sampling. The sampling really, really added to the mood, and this is in a musical world where the mood is given off as early as the first note of the piece, which is truly something special. Anyone can write music, anyone can play music, but it takes a very special type of person to do this. With that said, however, this style of music isn't quite my style and I can't see myself replaying it any more than a few more times, but it's still fantastic, and I think it's only going to grow on me as time goes on. This album is most definitely worth your time, especially for those looking for a relaxing moodsetter or somethng to contemplate life and feelings to. I would definitely recommend it. 8.5/10."

"I hate to sound uneloquent, but the reviewer above took the words right out of my mouth, though I'd give a more conservative rating of 7.5/10." - Logan Archer

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