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Post-Boredom is an artist from Tucson, Arizona. You can get his two EPs for free here .


STR_Sound EP

STR_Sound EP 2


"hipster in his basement"

"Post-Boredom is definetely my favorite find from a bandcamp thread. They are so imperfect, but the imperfection is what makes it good. On STR_Sound EP, you start off by hearing this spacious song with some coughing and a lighting of a cigarette. The random sounds just give them such a feeling that I haven't gotten from any other band. The next song comes in with a guitar playing a melody and then a heavily distorted guitar coming in behind that, and a steady drum beat all holding it together. It is so spacious, that the simple guitar just fits perfectly. The intermission track, The Sound Of Melodically Censored Cursing, comes in with a different, more full sound, though it is somehow just as empty. 

Post-Boredom is perhaps the most imperfect perfection I've ever heard, and it is beautiful. I give them a 8.7/10" - Calillou