Realm of Mind - Jetpack Samurai03:30

Realm of Mind - Jetpack Samurai


Experimental Electronic Jazzy Progressive Atmospheric  BossFight/Adventure Chiptunes with Piano & Horns. Sometimes heavy,  sometimes chill, sometimes madness & chaos! Anyways, pretty variable show, enjoy.

Started making these at the end of 2010. I'm using FL10 with chiptune plugins. I'm inspired by Progressive Rock, Technical Deathmetal, Funk, videogames and Jazz, mostly Fusion.  Learning mostly by just listening.

I've made 162 songs atm (9 hours 6 mins) 68 at 2011, 70 at 2012 and 24 at 2013.

Here are links to Bandcamp and to Soundcloud which has more songs.



-Orbital Odyssey [2013] 


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