The Trashcans are the experimental music project of Jack Thompson and various collaborators. Highly eclectic, The Trashcans have released music in genres such as ambient, noise rock, drone, post-rock, harsh noise, psychedelia, and plunderphonics. The project's music is mostly instrumental, with the use of non-sampled vocals being uncommon, but occasionally present.



Imaginary Space Sounds

Music for Apocalyptic Travels

Music for Religious Revelations in Space

Bright Nights and Loud Silence

γραφικός λύρα ήχους (Colorful Lyre Sounds)

Dead World Blues


Overdosed on Anarchist Thoughts

Improvised Music, Vol. 1: Guitar 1

White Dwarf

Atoms and Empty Space

Dissolution of Divine Command


Broken Metal Computer

Monolithic Pulses


Space Junk EP


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