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There Goes The Pontiac is a folk punk artist from Newport News, Virginia. His music can be found here .


Zero (The Fool) (Work in progress, first actual album)

Whiskey Is My Kind Of Lullabye Short Cover02:04

Whiskey Is My Kind Of Lullabye Short Cover


The "I Only Have 7 Days To Make This EP" EP

Donkeh (Cover Albums Suck)


"Holy fuck that cover is good. Jesus Christ, I listened to that 3 times just to let it sink in. You've got it, man. This is my favorite piece of music I've found through the wiki so far. Thank you so much for sharing. This is really triggering me to organize a punk tour of just /mu/sicians. So. Fucking. Good. 9.5/10." - Ruskolovestitlefight, The Music of /mu/ Wiki Admin

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