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Clasp My Hand! Dear Friend! I Am Dying! - Two Cats & Bliss (2013)

Originally there was; "Sad Kids in Capes", a one man Acoustic Emo project by Jaymund Misa.

It was born at the ripe hormonal age of Fifteen. He wrote three EPs: e, p, A Blacker Death. They were all about pseudo issues that meant a lot at the time. None of them were released.. But for two days on Bandcamp each one.  Although he later came to re-write some old songs, and write some new ones. Now, (managed by Lucas Gilbertson) "Two Cats & Bliss" came to play on the new year of 2013 when an album was put together from bitz 'n pieces of all and new.

A shitty demo version with just Jay is out now for free @

Jay was recently social and was joined by Tim Higgins, Lucas Mark Wilson and Duncan Geldenhuys. He is said to be working on a fuller album, based on more recent activity in his life at the age of twenty one.  Influenced heavily by Keaton Henson and Strand of Oaks. And a re-recording of the historical "Clasp My Hand! Dear Friend! I Am Dying!"..

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A Blacker Death (2010)

e (2010)

p (2012)

Clasp My Hand! Dear Friend! I Am Dying! (2013)


Lando Folk - Two Cats & Bliss01:30

Lando Folk - Two Cats & Bliss

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