'L'appel Du Vide' - Wave of Colors04:32

'L'appel Du Vide' - Wave of Colors



Cerulean Seascape (2013)

Wave of Colors is an electronic artist from a small town in South Carolina made up of a single member. ‘Cerulean Seascape’ draws from many influences including chillwave, folktronica, hip-hop and idm, blah blah blah, genres.

The ideal place to listen to this album is in a car gazing at the scenery passing you by, letting the album influence you and what you see.



The Polyhedron Formula (in Japanese)

  • "In the genre of Downtempo/Chillwave, an Ambient color is strong on the album.  Deployment is loose, and a space is added to the ambient color. Specific favor or Chillwave (?) is not a moist heat, but a strong impression I'm relatively chill. A dry sound system or volume-based variety include the cool factor, but that might be what you feel from the breakbeat.(loosely translated, imtranslator)

Urban Guitar SAYONARA (in Japanese)

  • "The harboring organic, analog, feeling and round sound space.  Through the Hip-Hop and minimal rhythm, its taking it easy. [it has] Phrases and piano with a lyricism and layers of synth with a sense of nostalgia." (loosely translated, google translate)

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